Our Story

our story


As a craft beverage company, we are a little obsessive about flavor, and our standard of excellence is the delicious result that nature produces in real fruit. We carbonate gently to let the fruit shine. And then we leave well enough alone. No preservatives, sweeteners, or calories are ever added to NôMI.

When Life Gives You Cherries …
Make Cherry NôMI

Our single-source flavor foundation for NôMI’s Cherry flavored drinks is the tart Montmorency cherry from Northern Michigan. NôMI’s cherries come from the “Cherry Capital of the World” and they’re not just plentiful there; they’re perfect. Rich, juicy, nutrient-dense, and tart...real Montmorency cherries are the basis of the unsweetened, entirely authentic taste of the orchard found in NôMI.

Why Citrus Peel is the
Real Deal

The essential oil of fresh citrus peel is used in NôMI to produce the distinctive, natural flavor of the fruit without unwanted sugars. Citrus peel is a healthy source of antioxidants and nutrients, and the standard accepted by mixologists. It’s twisted and rubbed on the rim of a glass; chosen for its distinctive flavor. All our citrus flavors come from the essential oils of real fruit peel, so you can taste the freshness.


Carbonation is managed carefully because it affects taste. Carbonation gives seltzer both its bubble and its bite. While effervescence is fun on the tongue, it also creates a chemical reaction in the mouth that translates into a sour taste. Too much carbonation can overwhelm delicate flavors, so at NôMI, we go easy on the bubbly and reveal the subtle taste of real fruit.